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Our Services – 401(k)

Our Values:

We work with the nation's largest retirement plan administrators, fund managers, and insurance carriers.  We understand the full range of their capabilities, key processes, and strategic intent. Your clients can feel confident that we will find the best recordkeeper, insurance issuer, or portfolio manager to fit their needs.


Defined Benefits:

Our experienced professionals nationwide can help you stay on top of fiduciary, legislative, and regulatory issues that can affect your plan.  For example, your client’s executive benefits plan  may hide significant risks, such as:

  • Standard group coverage for long-term disability often won’t replace bonus income which makes up a significant portion of executive compensation.
  • Standard group coverage for life insurance is also based on salary, not bonus, and often has a cap of $500,000.
  • A target retirement income replacement rate of 85% can’t be reached for many executives based on contribution limits.

Our Services

We can help your clients develop a plan design and funding strategy, and securing the coverage to recruit, retain, and reward your most valuable assets.  Ask us about opportunities with:

  • Nonqualified and Supplemental Retirement Plans
  • Benefits Restoration
  • Key Employee Protection
  • ESOP Repurchase Liability Financing
  • Insurance Company Owned Life Insurance (ICOLI)
  • Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI)